gerbv  2.6A
export-drill.c File Reference

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gboolean gerbv_export_drill_file_from_image (gchar *filename, gerbv_image_t *inputImage, gerbv_user_transformation_t *transform)

Detailed Description

Functions for exporting gerbv images to Excellon drill files.

Definition in file export-drill.c.

Function Documentation

gboolean gerbv_export_drill_file_from_image ( gchar *  filename,
gerbv_image_t image,
gerbv_user_transformation_t transform 

Export an image to a new file in Excellon drill format.

TRUE if successful, or FALSE if not
filenamethe filename for the new file
inputImagethe image to export
transformthe transformation to apply before exporting

Definition at line 42 of file export-drill.c.

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