gerbv  2.6A
gerbv_project_t Struct Reference

#include <gerbv.h>

Data Fields

GdkColor background
int max_files
gerbv_fileinfo_t ** file
int curr_index
int last_loaded
int renderType
gboolean check_before_delete
gchar * path
gchar * execpath
gchar * execname
gchar * project

Detailed Description

The top-level structure used in libgerbv. A gerbv_project_t groups together any number of layers, while keeping track of other basic paramters needed for rendering

example1.c, example3.c, and example6.c.

Definition at line 619 of file gerbv.h.

Field Documentation

GdkColor gerbv_project_t::background

the background color used for rendering

Definition at line 620 of file gerbv.h.

gboolean gerbv_project_t::check_before_delete

TRUE to ask before deleting objects

Definition at line 626 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by gerbv_create_project().

int gerbv_project_t::curr_index

the index of the currently active fileinfo

Definition at line 623 of file gerbv.h.

gchar* gerbv_project_t::execname

the path plus executible name for gerbv

Definition at line 629 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by gerbv_destroy_project(), and read_project_file().

gchar* gerbv_project_t::execpath

the path to executed version of gerbv

Definition at line 628 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by gerbv_destroy_project(), and read_project_file().

int gerbv_project_t::max_files

the current number of fileinfos in the file array

Definition at line 621 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by gerbv_create_project(), and merge_images().

gchar* gerbv_project_t::path

the default path to load new files from

Definition at line 627 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by callbacks_open_layer_activate(), callbacks_open_project_activate(), gerbv_create_project(), and gerbv_destroy_project().

gchar* gerbv_project_t::project

the default name for the private project file

Definition at line 630 of file gerbv.h.

Referenced by callbacks_new_activate(), and gerbv_destroy_project().

int gerbv_project_t::renderType

the type of renderer to use

Definition at line 625 of file gerbv.h.

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