gerbv  2.6A
project.c File Reference

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static char * convert_path_separators (char *path, int conv_flag)
project_list_t * read_project_file (char const *filename)

Detailed Description

Routines for loading and saving project files.

Definition in file project.c.

Function Documentation

static char* convert_path_separators ( char *  path,
int  conv_flag 

Conversion of '\' into '/' and vice versa for compatibility under WIN32 platforms.

Definition at line 567 of file project.c.

project_list_t* read_project_file ( char const *  filename)

Reads the content of a project file.

Background color,
global path,
corresponding pick and place file: labelled 'picknplace'
Per layer:
layer color,
layer filename

Definition at line 906 of file project.c.

References gerbv_project_t::execname, gerbv_project_t::execpath, and mainProject.