gerbv  2.6A
pick-and-place.c File Reference

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void gerb_transf_rotate (gerbv_transf_t *transf, double angle)
void gerb_transf_shift (gerbv_transf_t *transf, double shift_x, double shift_y)
static double pick_and_place_get_float_unit (const char *str)
int pick_and_place_screen_for_delimiter (char *str, int n)
GArray * pick_and_place_parse_file (gerb_file_t *fd)

Detailed Description

PNP (pick-and-place) parsing functions.

Definition in file pick-and-place.c.

Function Documentation

void gerb_transf_rotate ( gerbv_transf_t *  transf,
double  angle 


append rotation to transformation.

transftransformation to be modified
anglein rad (counterclockwise rotation)

Definition at line 75 of file pick-and-place.c.

Referenced by pick_and_place_parse_file().

void gerb_transf_shift ( gerbv_transf_t *  transf,
double  shift_x,
double  shift_y 


append translation to transformation.

transftransformation to be modified
shift_xtranslation in x direction
shift_ytranslation in y direction

Definition at line 95 of file pick-and-place.c.

GArray* pick_and_place_parse_file ( gerb_file_t *  fd)

Parses the PNP data.

two lists are filled with the row data.
One for the scrollable list in the search and select parts interface, the other one a mere two columned list, which drives the autocompletion when entering a search.
It also tries to determine the shape of a part and sets pnp_state->shape accordingly which will be used when drawing the selections as an overlay on screen.

the initial node of the pnp_state netlist

Definition at line 197 of file pick-and-place.c.

References gerb_transf_rotate(), and pick_and_place_get_float_unit().

int pick_and_place_screen_for_delimiter ( char *  str,
int  n 

search a string for a delimiter.

Must occur at least n times.

Definition at line 150 of file pick-and-place.c.