gerbv  2.6A
gerber.h File Reference

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gerbv_image_tparse_gerb (gerb_file_t *fd, gchar *directoryPath)
gboolean gerber_is_rs274x_p (gerb_file_t *fd, gboolean *returnFoundBinary)
gboolean gerber_is_rs274d_p (gerb_file_t *fd)

Detailed Description

Header info for the RS274X parsing functions.

Definition in file gerber.h.

Function Documentation

gboolean gerber_is_rs274d_p ( gerb_file_t *  fd)

Checks for signs that this is a RS-274D file Returns TRUE if it is, FALSE if not.

Definition at line 902 of file gerber.c.

gboolean gerber_is_rs274x_p ( gerb_file_t *  fd,
gboolean *  returnFoundBinary 

Checks for signs that this is a RS-274X file Returns TRUE if it is, FALSE if not.

Definition at line 807 of file gerber.c.

gerbv_image_t* parse_gerb ( gerb_file_t *  fd,
gchar *  directoryPath 

This is a wrapper which gets called from top level. It does some initialization and pre-processing, and then calls gerber_parse_file_segment which processes the actual file. Then it does final modifications to the image created.

Definition at line 737 of file gerber.c.

References gerber_parse_file_segment(), gerbv_create_image(), GERBV_LAYERTYPE_RS274X, GERBV_MESSAGE_ERROR, gerbv_image_t::gerbv_stats, gerbv_stats_new(), gerbv_net::layer, gerbv_image_t::layers, gerbv_image_t::layertype, gerbv_image_t::netlist, gerbv_net::state, and gerbv_image_t::states.

Referenced by gerbv_create_rs274x_image_from_filename().