gerbv  2.6A
drill_stats.c File Reference

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gerbv_drill_stats_tgerbv_drill_stats_new (void)
void gerbv_drill_stats_destroy (gerbv_drill_stats_t *stats)
void gerbv_drill_stats_add_layer (gerbv_drill_stats_t *accum_stats, gerbv_drill_stats_t *input_stats, int this_layer)

Detailed Description

Statistics generating functions for Excellon drill files.

Definition in file drill_stats.c.

Function Documentation

void gerbv_drill_stats_add_layer ( gerbv_drill_stats_t accum_stats,
gerbv_drill_stats_t input_stats,
int  this_layer 

Add stats gathered from specified layer to accumulatedd drill stats compiled from all layers

Definition at line 112 of file drill_stats.c.

Referenced by generate_drill_analysis().

void gerbv_drill_stats_destroy ( gerbv_drill_stats_t )

Free the memory for a drill stats struct

Definition at line 102 of file drill_stats.c.

Referenced by callbacks_analyze_active_drill_activate(), and gerbv_destroy_image().

gerbv_drill_stats_t* gerbv_drill_stats_new ( void  )

Allocates a new drill_stats structure.

drill_stats pointer on success, NULL on ERROR

Definition at line 46 of file drill_stats.c.

Referenced by generate_drill_analysis().